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Collect Call Service
The UMB Collect Call Service is the new service which cellular operator can provide to their prepaid user to perform an automatic call back with the permission from B-party to pay for the call change.

The objective of mobile Collect Call Service is to increase cellular operator's revenue by capturing x-call that would otherwise be lost to the subscriber that request for the Collect Call is a prepaid subscriber who is running out credit.
Business subscriber could use this service to bring great incentive for their customers to call them. This service can help A-Party to trigger a call to B-Party, requesting B-party to pay for the call charge. Both A and B party can be prepaid and postpaid subscriber.

The USSD menu browser (UMB) implement by cellular operator provider an alternate access for cellular operator content service including access on product information, request content service, provisioning access community content service etc. Combining UMB capability and Collect Call application, cellular operator can provide more convenient way for subscriber to initiate/request Collect Calls.